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CBM Utilization

Generation of CBM
The main composition of CBM is CH4 (methane). It’s generated during the geological chemical reaction when organic material transfers into carbon. It’s a kind of unconventional gas, adsorbed into the solid matrix of the coal. It will be explosive when the concentration of air reaches 5%-16%, which is the primary cause of coal mine gas explosion. If the CBM is discharged directly into atmosphere, its greenhouse effect is 21 times of CO2.


Utilization Value
If the CBM can be exploitated before the mining of coal, the possibility of explosion will be reduced by 70% to 85%. Meanwhile, the heat value of CBM is similar to natural gas, which is very clean after combustion, and can be used as civil fuel, industrial fuel, generating fuel, automobile fuel and important chemical materials.


The study has proved that 30%~ 40% CBM produced in the coal mine can be efficiently used by the gas engine for power generating.
The power generated by CBM can not only supply energy for the mining facilities, but also access to the utility grid. The thermal energy can meet onsite heating demand, and also can access to the local heating system.



Convert the dangerous gas to energy;
The return from the application of combined heat and power is huge, and the general efficiency can reach 90%;
If only used in power generating, the electricity efficiency can reach 43.4%;
Stable operation even in the case of gas pressure fluctuation, methane content changes or with contaminants in the gas;
No methane discharged into the air.

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