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Biogas Utilization

Biogas Production
Biogas, produced by the anaerobic fermentation of organic matters, is the metabolite of methane bacteria. It is a mixture of gases, mainly consisting of methane (50%~70%) and carbon dioxide, with small amounts of nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Its characteristic is similar to natural gas.

Biogas production is divided into three steps:

Pretreatment of biomass material
Biogas slurry treatment and biogas residue treatment after fermentation


Organic Matters Suitable For Biogas Production
Anaerobic fermentation is a high-value method to process the organic matters produced in agriculture, food industry and feed processing.
Sewage (20-70);
Biological waste separated from household waste (10-200);
Food material, such as forage corn, cereal, etc. (180-300);
Municipal sludge (80-150);
Grease (1,000);
Grass (150-200);
Biological waste from slaughterhouse (100);
Biological waste from brewery (20);
Biological waste from fruit product factory and winery (30), biological waste from dairy factory (30), and biological waste from fiber industry or sugar refinery (40-60).

Biogas CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Generation
The gas mixture in fermentation tank consists of 50% - 70% methane (CH4) and 30%-50% carbon dioxide (CO2), which makes biogas a premium fuel for gas engine. The residual after fermentation can be used as fertilizer.
Electric energy is available to treatment plant and the public power-supply system, and heat energy is available to heat the fermentation tank or other facilities.



It provides a new way to process sewage and biological waste, to make an effective use of them to replace the traditional fuel;
It is available to replace fossil fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emission;
It is available to realize effective CHP generation;
The residual in fermentation tank can be used as high-quality agricultural organic fertilizer.

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