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Products & Services

Associated Petroleum Gas Utilization

The Comprehensive Utilization of APG
APG has taken a large proportion in the oilfield production, which was burned and discharged to the air in the past years for safety consideration. The result was wasting energy and polluting the environment. At present this issue has been given extensive attention as APG is also a kind of precious clean energy. Through the comprehensive utilization, it can be used to generate power and produce CNG/LNG, which can save energy,reduce emission reduction and create huge economic benefit.

Power Generation
150 billion m3 of APG is burnt each year in the world, which equals to the total annual consumption of natural gas in Germany and France;
Substitution of diesel for power generation to reduce cost: 1 MW gas power station can save 2 million liters of diesel each year;
There are more than 2,900 units GE gas gensets operating worldwide and the total installed capacity exceeds 2,000 MW.

CNG/LNG Extraction
Offer one-station solution for treatment and processing of oilfield associated gas

Drilling Application

Gas Genset for Onshore Drilling Rig

The application of gas genset for drilling is actually not a new technology. As the strengthen of social and environmental responsibility of oil & gas drilling companies, as well as the unstable supply and the price soaring of diesel fuel, this technology has been increasingly showing its unique superiority and arising more and more attention.

Completely Meet The Drilling Power Demand of Onshore Drilling Rig
Since 2006, 80 sets of GE gas genset have been applied to the drilling rig;
High-efficient and stable performance with advanced control solution to satisfy the power demand of drilling rig ( rated output of the genset is 900~1,200 kW);
EPA certification;
Besides natural gas/LNG/CNG, it is also applied to many other gases such as well field gas, flare gas etc.



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