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About Us

Message from CEO

I was asked, “is the so-called ‘soft environment’ so important for the enterprise? If you have to make a choice between one billion profits and the ‘soft environment’, what’s your answer? “I think both of them are necessary. However, I choose the latter, because the great “soft environment” is the origin of eternal wealth, or more than that. It stands for the continuous investment in the Research & Development area, in prompt & professional after sales services, and in healthy team building. For us, it is the backbone for Jereh’s sustainable development and can generate endless profits. Also, it creates open mindedness, joy of success and a dynamic team.”

Actually, the ‘soft environment’ is healthy corporate culture.

Focus on customer needs, value employee dedication, continuously improving to be the best. This is the core value of Jereh’s corporate culture. Jereh exists only to serve customers, so we must create value by satisfying their needs and exceed their expectations; only dedicated employees can distinguish Jereh, even the whole country from the competition, so we value their contributions and reward them accordingly; continuous improvement in an open manner assures Jereh more risk-conscious and innovative, so we must be fearless in every task, work hard and strive to be the industry’s best.

Fifteen-year-old Jereh calls for change. The key one is the management capacity transition from individual to organization. But essentially, the change depends on those who devote themselves to Jereh with high recognition of Jereh culture.

Sincerity is deeply ingrained in Jereh’s culture. I firmly believe that even the world is surrounded by evil, Jereh is the shiny “oasis” in the desert. Sincerity gives Jereh a wide view and open mind, just as an old Chinese poem says “climbing up to the peak of a high mountain, the hills around all look small.”

Jereh is strongly proud of having an excellent team with high recognition of Jereh culture, so it is responsible for us to set up a career platform for employees and our growth. We are aimed at achieving the integration of goals between organization and individuals.

Goal setting is where the passion comes from. Always look forward, never give up, nothing is impossible. Join us, my dear friends, let us holding hands towards our bright future!

Thank you for you all, those who care about Jereh, who work hard and contribute to our growth!

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